A Summary of KSU’s Extraordinary General Meeting

Posted On April 10, 2021

KSU has held an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Saturday 10th April 2021, with the purpose of considering the amendments to the statute and to approve the 2019 annual reports, which were suspended after a motion during the 2020 Annual General Meeting. The event was organised via Zoom, which was only possible through strong IT support.

Over 170 participants were present, including Edward De Gabriele; the Education Commissioner, who could not vote since he is no longer a student.

Following a 30-minute delay in the start time, in order to reach the pre-determined quorum of 150 individuals, Carla Galea, seconded by Matthew Gauci was appointed as chair.

The first point discussed was the approval of the agenda, which consisted of approval of the last year’s reports, discussion and voting on the motions put forward.

The second point was approval of the 2019/2020 Annual Reports, which were not approved last year due to the unprecedented events. Moreover, a motion to close the debate was passed, since these documents were available online for approximately a year. Subsequently the Financial Report of 2019 was approved.

The third point on the agenda included the discussion of the following five motions, which were proposed by Matthew Xuereb (KSU president) and seconded by Matthew Gauci (KSU Vice-President).

Motion one:

This first motion proposed to add the articles pertaining to the “financial supervisory and advisory committee”. This committee would act to ensure culpability and transparency in the KSU’s finances, due to the increasing revenues by the organisation.

Motion two:

The second motion proposed to reform the administrative forum into the “Student Organisation Forum”, as well as to introduce the concept of Affiliated Students Associations (ASA). The reason behind this motion was that KSU depends on the senate’s recognition, in order to be able to recognise student organisations. Affiliated Students Associations would allow for a more rapid and efficient recognition of student organisations, which would permit them to make use of all the KSU’s services. Moreover, the student organisations forum would relieve the Social Policy Commission from the administrative tasks, such as room allocation report and approval of student organisations.

Motion three:

This motion, which was indicated to be the most significant of the EGM, aimed for the KSU Education Commission and KSU Socio-Political Commission to be united into a single commission, with an Internal Affairs Vice-President and an External Affairs Vice-President. This was proposed since the separate commissions are not necessary, while their combination would ultimately lead to a superior output, as well as an increase in the accountability. The implementation of dual Vice-Presidents was proposed since KSU’s growing corporate relationships must be nurtured. Furthermore, this would allow for the President to have a deputy, who would be able to step-in when needed. A singular commissioner was also proposed, who would also be able to create committees to deal with specific issues as they arise.

Motion four:

Motion four simply aimed to clarify the legal representation of KSU. This involved a change from legal representation under both the President and Financial Officer, unless executive determines otherwise to legal representation being under the president only, unless executive determines otherwise.

Motion five:

The final motion proposed to allow the Secretary General to amend the statute, to reflect the motions passed during this EGM.

Following a description of each motion, feedback and voting, all five motions were passed. As a note, when voting as such, a two-thirds majority is required for a motion to pass and be implemented.

Written by Robert Pisani


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