A Farewell to the Old Executive

Posted On April 9, 2020

As of today, Insite Malta bids farewell to its 2019/20 executive and welcomes the next executive who is to take over. The AGM was held online, however the emotion among the members was still there.

Emma Asciak, this year’s Executive Editor, noted, “Working with Insite for the past three years has been a huge learning curve. It has not only taught me more about the world of journalism but also given me the opportunity to interact with important people, and those who work in the more obscure sectors such as singers and musicians. I would never trade my time with Insite for anything else.”

The Secretary General, Maria Gatt, added, “Having contributed this past term with Insite has been an amazing experience. Meeting new students and working with an amazing team was rewarding. Thank you for all those who have made this term a fruitful one. Wishing all the best to Corrine and her team!

Big smiles during the festive Christmas Movie Night!

This year is truly one for the books that I will surely never forget.” Michaela Cassar, the Events Officer, said. “The beauty of being in a student organisation as an events officer is working with other organisations and building friendships. I cannot thank enough my sub committee for helping me through this hectic year.”

Insite organized plenty of events this year, thanks to our Events Officer and our Events Subcom. Ending summer with a bang, Insite organized its annual beach hangout called Bajja Unplugged, held at Golden Sands with live music and some snazzy drinks. And of course, Fresher’s Week was hectic but loads of fun meeting new people and getting into the school spirit. Later on, Insite held its informative 3 Day Seminar with special guests; Christian Peregin the CEO of Lovin Malta, Luke and Ernesta from Switch, and Therese Debono. And let’s not forget the Mdina Ghost Tour and the Christmas Movie Night in collaboration with Betapsi and CSA, amongst many many more events.

The Insite Events Team

It was quite a turbulent year but I wouldn’t change a thing. I would love to thank my fellow colleagues who always did their best to make sure Insite thrives. It was such a lovely experience being part of a genuine organisation like Insite. I believe we honoured the organisation’s values and beliefs – reliable, present and above all honest. I also am glad I managed to fulfill my years mission to revive the Instagram page and stories of Insite with the help of my trustworthy Subcom member, Daniel Sumler. Wishing the new exec a wonderful term full of success and above all fun. I trust Corrine will lead you with honour and dedication!” the Public Relations Officer, Neville Sultana noted.

Sarah Aquilina, the Finance Officer, continued to say, “Joining a student organisation has been one of my goals since starting University but I was always apprehensive. I am so glad that I finally made the decision to join Insite during my last year of studies as this allowed me to meet new people and made feel like I am part of a team. Taking part in events was without doubt the highlight of this year and I can definitely say that I will never forget this experience. Thank you Emma, Maria, Michaela, Carol, Corrine and Neville for being great team mates. I am proud of what we achieved.”

It has been a wonderful experience being part of Insite. Apart from having the opportunity to meet new and interesting people, it has also given me a greater appreciation for student organisations on the whole. I would like to thank all my colleagues for their hard work and commitment and wishing all the best to the new exec team.” Carol Azzopardi, the Social Policy Officer commented.

Finally, Corrine Zahra, the former Deputy Editor and now Executive Editor of Insite, said; “I am so glad I joined this organization. Not only did I get to work with incredible people, but I also got to learn a lot. Even though I was on student exchange during my first semester, I still tried my best to work from afar and contribute to the organization. I am looking forward to the next executive year and to working with my new team. A big thanks goes to my former colleagues! You were incredible!

Written by Insite Malta


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