What Went Down During This Year’s KSU Annual General Meeting

Posted On April 30, 2020

Just now, KSU’s Annual General Meeting ended with a newly elected KSU for the upcoming term. Even though the AGM could not be held physically, with a strong IT support, KSU managed to organize the most important event at UoM via Zoom.

Two motions were introduced; the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) Motion as well as the amendment of the International Coordinator role to that of Student Affairs Officer. Both motions were approved during the meeting.

Insite Malta introduces to you the newly elected KSU members;

Matthew Gauci, the new KSU Vice President, thanked Daniela Fitzpatrick, SDM for trusting him with the role, as well as all past Vice Presidents for their hard work. He stated how he understands the student and their everyday problems and hopes to continue helping them as best as he can. Being the Culture and Entertainment Officer this past year in KSU, he stated how he was in a position where he could understand better the position of what it means to be part of the organization.

Julia Cini, newly elected KSU Secretary General, stated; “I am willing to work with a team who is going to be there for you, as well as working towards the students interests, in a dynamic team full of ideas. Last year, I had the chance to be creative and think critically. It is an experience to cherish forever and I am grateful to be doing it again.”

Andrea Galea, newly elected Financial Officer continued to note that he plans on continuing to work on all past policies to make them better, increasing local and foreign funds from the EU. He thanked KSU for the past year as well as SDM for their support. Being the only Gozitan, he also intends to work towards representing them as best as he can.

Tano Bugelli, the next Public Relations Officer for KSU, was President of UESA as well as Public Relations Officer in previous years, and is looking forward to the upcoming year working alongside his teammates in KSU.

Elsa Cassar the new Education Officer said, “I am honoured to be here and believe in the student and his capability to leave an impact. We created a manifesto that builds on old ideas and that is ready to bring in new ones. I am looking forward to the new year.

Neil Zahra, the newly elected Social Policy Officer for KSU, a second year law student, commented on how he wants to be more pro-active in the council, to work on a response method to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the environmental initiatives.

Matthias Caruana, newly elected International Officer, is a third year Applied Biomedical Science student and was an active member of MHSA. He thanked KSU and is honoured to be taking on this role. He continued to state that he will continue working on the work done before him by giving more opportunities for students to go abroad. He plans on hosting events to integrate local and foreign students as well.

Yasmine Ellul, the first Student Affairs Officer for KSU, was previously President of ELSA who insisted on working on organizing several events, projects and campaigns with a passion towards student activism. She insisted that she wants to be a point of effective communication with other students organisations. 

Nicole Galea, the Culture & Entertainment Officer for the upcoming term, stated that “You don’t come to university to study but to also find a family. I want to continue building this aspect of family here at the University of Malta. Thank you everyone and KSU. You helped me grow as a person.”

Jurgen John Gauci, the Culture & Entertainment Coordinator for KSU, was the Events Officer for the Tourism Students Association and believes that his participation gave him the qualifications necessary to represent students in KSU.

A big congratulations to the new KSU Executive for 2020/21! A big thank you goes to the past, hard-working executive for KSU.

The two candidates for KSU President, Kris Bajada as an Independent Candidate as well as Matthew Xuereb as an SDM Candidate, both gave their speeches. The public is now awaiting for the Election Commission to announce when the election is going to take place. Best of luck to both candidates!

Written by Insite Malta


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