The B’Cikka Team Launches their Official Magazine

Posted On May 16, 2019

The most awaited magazine at the University of Malta, B’Cikka, has finally launched yesterday at Quad. With such an aesthetically pleasing design, the magazine certainly is impressive. The team had an eye for detail when it came to the color coordination and format of the entire magazine. Rather than a magazine, they created their own work of art which is what makes it so impressive.

 “We started with the magazine being different from the rest. We decided to go with a personal and informal aspect and it was meant to be similar to a diary entry. It eventually evolved into a more journalistic style of a magazine, in fact, we did not go for gloss, we went with natural paper with natural touches. If you open the pages, you will see that swoosh, like that touch of the pen on the paper. It turned into an exploration, not just of the island and the people we were interviewing but even of the class itself who started going through personal contacts, people we have met literally by change, b’cikka. It turned into a project where we were showcasing the talent of the class, the talent of each individual person and the beautiful island we live in.” Marie Cini, who formed the Editorial Team, commented.

“It was very interesting and I felt that I grew a lot. I thought I was already a people person but I learned that communicating with sponsors required a different type of communication. I learned to be even more direct and that greatly benefited the magazine. It was very lovely being supported by the sponsors with their ads.” Commented Alyx Sixsmith, the Advertising Coordinator.

Sarah Cassar Dymond, the Design Coordinator, stated that “It was the most challenging thing I’ve done in this course so far but it is the most rewarding project and experience. I learned to work in a group of creative people in order to come up with this project. I am very satisfied with the end result.”

If you did not manage to get your copy of B’Cikka earlier at Quad, make sure to get one because they’re running out fast!

Written by Corrine Zahra


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