Swap the 3rd Edition to be Held at UNI Common Room

Posted On February 28, 2020

GAZED and ZIBEL are holding their 3rd Edition Swap at the University of Malta ‘Common room’ on Saturday 29th February from 1pm to 4pm. 

Swapping clothes is the new trend and how can we not love it? The fashion industry is terrible for our beloved earth and we have to put a stop to it. Upcycling is the next big thing. Why throw away old clothes and buy new ones when you can tailor, donate and swap! It is an event for all genders, ages and most importantly loads of fun. 

The rules are simple and can be found on their Facebook event. https://facebook.com/events/s/swap-3rd-edition-uni-gazed-x-z/596974294434384/?ti=cl

All you need to do to enter is donate 5euros which goes towards covering the costs for the event. Tickets may be found at the door or on this link. https://bit.ly/37DICsm 

The rules are as follows: (Taken from the official event page) 

  1. Participants can bring from 1 to 15 items ONLY

  2.  Every item has the same value on the event 1item = 1token

  3. All the items should be washed and in very good condition

  4. Remember to carefully select the clothes to swap, once you exchange them for tokens – they don’t belong to you anymore. Make sure to say a proper goodbye as all the leftover clothes will be donated to a local charity.

  5.  If it turns out you have more clothes than expected and still want to pass them on, a separate collection box for donations will be on site.

  6.  Make sure to arrive on time it takes time to exchange clothes for tokens and prep everything. You can use this time to go ‘window shopping’ and plan your hunt.

  7. Remember – the swap is a partayyy! Enjoy swapping and keep your eyes peeled for the surprises. 

What goes along with a fashionable afternoon? A lovely glass of prosecco of course! And this event has it covered! This time round there are also going to be some fashion influencers such as Taryn Mamo Cefai and Tamara Webb joining the event too. They will be there to spread the word about how upcycling is the next new thing as well as part from some clothing items that do not spark joy anymore as Marie Kondo would say.

Don’t worry if you have nobody to go with. In this event you are bound to make plenty of friends, it’s a fun chill atmosphere with the most down to earth people you can meet! 

Bonus: GAZED is also going to feature their own pop up shop at the event which if I were you, I would definitely check it out. 

Tag a friend you know needs a good eco makeover!



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