Participate in KSU’s Beyond the Influence Questionnaire

Posted On February 12, 2021

KSU is currently carrying out a study on drug use among students and young adults in Malta as part of the Beyond the Influence: A Drug Use Awareness Campaign.

How can YOU participate?

Fill in their questionnaire!

Let KSU know your opinions on drug use and regulation by filling in the following questionnaire:

But what is the campaign about?

Beyond the Influence is the first sub-campaign under the Your FuturEU Campaign, a campaign co-funded by the European Union, which is meant to engage civil society, particularly students and young adults, to express their opinions about a future Europe that they would like to live in.

Beyond the Influence is aimed at raising awareness on drug use and abuse by young adults, illicit drug activity such as drug trafficking, the drugs’ effects on the body and mind, the effectiveness of drug treatment and rehabilitation, enhancing law enforcement, judicial cooperation and legislation within the EU, and fundamentally, the national and European impact of drug use. Apart from this, the campaign will also be tackling the accessibility of drugs, particularly, the accessibility of medical cannabis and the barriers created in the Internal Market hindering the free movement of medical cannabis as a good in the market.

Furthermore, special focus will also be given to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequential isolation effects on drug use disorders, drug use prevention and drug use therapy in the past few months.
The questionnaire will be used to identify students’ and young adults’ tendencies and opinions related to drug use and regulation of drugs in Malta and in the EU.

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