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Posted On November 26, 2020

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is preparing to launch a new edition of the Social Inclusion Days, an initiative that aims to advocate for inclusive mobility programmes, through activities that bring together international students and members of local communities, in more than 42 countries.

The Social Inclusion Days will take place between the 23rd of November and the 7th of December 2020. During these two weeks, more than 500 local associations of ESN will promote activities that aim at integrating the international students into the local communities and vice-versa. With this initiative, international students will have opportunities to better understand their host communities and become aware of the issues among them; to work together with the volunteers on boosting the social inclusiveness of these communities; to spread awareness on social causes and to have a tangible impact, while increasing their sense of solidarity at the same time.

How can you help out? 

This year’s Social Inclusion Days include many exciting and engaging activities. ESN has partnered with the Malta FA and many other NGOs to bring you several intercultural experiences for a fresh and reflective attitude to society. 

Green Day Beach Clean-up & Christmas Tree Planting

Saturday 28th November

Help us clean-up our favourite beach, Riviera Ghajn Tuffieha Bay from plastics and other wastes. The beach would be full of plastics and litter after this weekend’s storm! Through our efforts, we will be able to rehabilitate the area and contribute to the protection of Malta’s natural environment. Surf Coach Valerio from Malta Surf School will also be joining us on the day!

In the spirit of Christmas, we will also be planting a Christmas SolidariTree in front of the peace grove at Riviera as a symbol of unity in diversity and solidarity. The Christmas Tree will be decorated in messages of goodwill written by you in your native languages!

Date: Saturday 28
Time: 10:00 
Venue: Riviera Beach (Malta Surf School)
Sign up: 

World Disability Day Blind Football

Thursday 3rd December

Together with the Malta FA and the Malta Paralympics Committee, we will be organising a blind football match this World Disabilities Day. Most of us cannot imagine life without our sight and vision, so let us get to experience living in other people’s shoes, even if for only a few hours as we attempt to play the Paralympic sport of blind football. For this event, we will provide a special kind of football, but we ask you to bring your own blindfolds. 

Date: Thursday 03
Time: 19:00
Venue: TBC
Sign up:

Zumba With a Difference 

Saturday 5th December

Sport is a language we all speak. In order to celebrate Social Inclusion Days, ESN Malta will organize Zumba classes alongside asylum seekers. An event where we interact with each other, sit down and have a chat and respect one another as we let sports bring us closer together.

Date: Saturday 05
Time: 17:00
Venue: Fgura United FC Football Club
Sign up: 

Football Festival With Asylum Seekers

Sunday 6th December

As many of you may be aware, ESNers Luke and Chris and our Erasmus friends Amir and Henning have been coaching a football team of young asylum seekers who came to Malta in search of safety and a better life. This inclusion initiative is part of the Live Football Play Football project coordinated by the Malta FA which promotes the inclusion of refugees. 

For this football festival, we’ll create mixed-gender and mixed-nationalities teams, and the winning team will be awarded a coveted trophy!

Date: Sunday 08
Time: 10:00
Venue: TBA

Make sure to attend and participate!

Written by Insite Malta


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