Here’s a Rundown of MMSA’s AGM 2021

Posted On March 27, 2021

Following the election on Friday evening, MMSA elected it’s new Board of Directors for 2021-2022. Their term will start on 1st July 2021. Here’s MMSA’s new board of directors!

  • President: Matthew Buttigieg
  • Vice-President for External Affairs: Michaela Abela
  • Vice-President for Internal Affairs: Mick Zammit
  • Secretary General: Daniel Agius
  • Treasurer: Timothy Borda
  • Public Relations Officer: Martina Formosa
  • Exchanges-In Officer: Mark Farrugia
  • Exchanges-Out Officer: Martina Chetcuti
  • Public Health Officer: Diana Gauci
  • Medical Education Officer: Nicholas Galea
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Officer: Owen Cachia
  • Peer Education and Training Officer: Leanne Fava
  • Human Rights and Peace Officer: Cristina Sollami
  • Electives Officer: Suhrid Roy
  • Leisure Officer: David Cuschieri
  • Supervising Council with BD Experience: Andrea Bugeja
  • Supervising Council without BD Experience: Abigail Micallef

MMSA held its second online AGM this week in the lead up to the General Elections. The agenda of the AGM was split over two days to make sure that we would have enough time to cover everything adequately and to prevent Zoom fatigue as much as possible. On both days, MMSA had an attendance of over 100 members present, which is amongst the highest ever number in recent years!

On Monday, the main aim was the presentation as well as approval of the Board of Directors and Supervising Council’s End of Term Reports. Other reports that were presented were the Impact Report and Feedback Report by the Vice President for Internal Affairs. Additionally, MMSA presented two policy papers thanks to the Vice President for External Affairs which were on Vaccines and Domestic Violence.

Tuesday was definitely the highlight of the AGM as it was the candidates’ turn to shine. Each of the 20 candidates had three minutes to present their candidature which for the majority was sent in as a pre-recorded presentation. After this each candidate had one minute to answer questions with the priority given to the current respective officer to pose their question.

Screenshot of MMSA’s AGM

The AGM was all possible thanks to the AGM team: Jonathan George Grima, Kimberly Callus, Andrea Vassallo, Abigail Magro and Mireille Pace.

As per tradition, on Wednesday, MMSA held their candidates’ debate which was organised by the Electoral Commission which was comprised of Rebekah St John, Nathalie Attard, Gerard Zammit Young, Michael Pio Cilia and Omar Chircop, and were lead by Chief Electoral Commissioner Dr. Jessica Darmanin. Contested candidates had three questions to answer that were set by the EC followed by two questions from the audience. The candidates had the option to rebuttal if they wanted to. With regards to the uncontested candidates the EC set one question for each candidate and two questions were taken from the audience. This event had an attendance of 103 members which was the highest ever attendance for a candidates’ debate in recent years.

Screenshot of MMSA’s Candidate Debate

Written by Corrine Zahra


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