Have you Checked out the KSU Careers Expo

Posted On March 4, 2020

The KSU Careers Expo has been on since yesterday and there is only one day left! KSU are providing students with the opportunity to seek a job or internship in their desired line of work.

The expo which is taking place on Quadrangle has some top national and international companies taking part. Covering real estate, law, public service, and so many other areas this is a great opportunity for students to meet with some big game changers in their field if not get hired.

“The Expo embodies KSU’s belief that employment and studies are intricately linked and there are plenty of opportunities for students to supplement their studies with internships or other opportunities” said KSU in a press release.

If you are not yet interested in seeking an internship or job it is still a great way to discuss potential opportunities for once you graduate. It is a great way to peak into your future career.

KSU and other student organisations are also present to help, “create the bridge between the student and the employer”. They will have a chat with you over a nice cup of coffee which is served in a sustainable cup provided by the expo in this year’s pack.

This year’s sustainable cups from the Expo pack

Written by Emma Asciak


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