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Posted On March 30, 2021

The smallest actions = the biggest impact

The Future in Our Hands campaign is a series of online events organized by the European Students Organization (ESO) that shall be covering a variety of topics that youths have in common. Topics range from the Environment to Migration. The campaign launched on the 11th of March and will be taking place till the 7th of May.

The Environment

A few of our exec members alongside ESA, SACES, Malta University Historical Society and TDM 2000 Malta came out with a short video on how we can safeguard our environment, and what the environment means to us as individuals.  Each organization member spoke about the ways they can combat climate change, eliminate plastic from their own perspective.

Youths within the Employment: The Next Step

ESO is collaborating with MKSA, MAKE, ASCS and ELSA Malta to create discussion on how to create a good CV, what problems first-time employees face, what problems they will face when they graduate and want to continue studying and will analyses the wage gap among the EU countries.  This event will be taking place on the 1st of April.

Youths in a public space

This event will be a fishbowl discussion between the nine organizations, a few topics that will be tacked will be related to EU issues, what atmosphere is need for teens to feel motivated in their community and youths who are politically active. The student organizations that will be taking part are MaltMUN, ESN, UM Rowing Club, FZL, KNZ, MZPN, SDM, PULSE and Team Start. This event will be taking place mid-April.

Migration within the EU Mediterranean States

ESO will be collaborating with JEF Malta where they will be hosting a debate on various issues. The themes that will be tackled are: legal way of getting citizenship such as through the blue card, why do migrants end up in Mediterranean countries? Is it their choice? and how is migrant integration being handled.

Make sure to check out ESO’s various discussions and upcoming events!

Written by Insite Malta


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