All You Need to Know About Kokka Night ’20

Posted On July 26, 2020

An event organised by KSU that one awaits for every year is most definitely Kokka Night. Held at the Valletta Campus, Kokka Night was an evening of rekindling and celebration for a year’s worth of hard work. It was a splendid night; one which is definitely hard to forget!

The night started off with a heartwarming speech by previous KSU President, William Farrugia, who highlighted all the great things that happened throughout this year. He gave some great advice to next year’s exec telling them, “You need to be humble and learn from your mistakes“. He went on to thank the KSU Secretary General, Daniela Fitzpatrick, calling her “il-boxxla tal-moral“. She in fact, presented Farrugia with his own Kokka in a very heart endearing speech. Fitzpatrick thanked the previous executive stating that they were the “winners of challenging years“.

The event went on to start presenting the Kokkas.

Perit Muscat got presented with his own honorary Kokka for the help he provided to KSU.

Kokka Akademika was won by Jean Callus for being an exemplary student.

Kokka for Favourite Professor was won by Prof. Andrew Azzopardi who appealed students to keep fighting for the dramatic political situation to get back to normal.

Kokka Attiva was won by Thomas Grixti who was a frontliner during COVID-19. He talked about how difficult it was to be living away from his family.

Kokka Attivita was won by UESA for their Global Warming campaign as they feel they have a duty to change the world for the better.

Kokka Ambjent was won by S-Cubed for all their work to preserve their environment. They also appealed to students in their speech to not give up and continue working as we are the voices of our future.

Kokka Branding was won by SACES. They thanked the previous exec for all their hard work.

Kokka Filantropika was won by MAKE for fighting for everyone’s right to get an education no matter their social background.

Kokka Habrika was won by Beppe Galea who has been a very active student activist throughout his career being part of the European Democrat Students as its Secretary General.

Kokka Talent was won by Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur who was the band coordinator for student fest this year and is also part of Red Electrik.

Kokka Sahha was won by MHSA who dedicated their award to the Covid-19 frontliners.

Kokka Sportiva was won by the UM Wolves who emphasized the importance of the increasing awareness of sports on campus and thanked the women’s rugby team for their success this year.

Kokka Innovativa was won by JEF Malta.

Kokka Internazzjonali was won by TDM Malta. They were very thankful for all the funds we receive by Erasmus which always helps us get out of the lightbulb we are used to here in Malta.

Kokka Onorarja was won by Steve Zammit Lupi who has been an active member in KSU and was elected as a council member in his hometown, Zebbug. He emphasized on how his student activist career helped him transmit positivity.

Kokka Qalbiena was a very special award dedicated to all students that were on the frontline during this pandemic.

Kokka Kollaborazzjoni was won by SDM for their “No Right Brain Left Behind” campaign for all the students that deserved better than a failed system that couldn’t measure their intelligence properly.

Kokka Organizazzjoni was won by MMSA for reforming and stabilising their internal affairs. They also thanked the frontliners.

The night went on to be nothing short of spectacular with live music playing. Everyone was drinking, dancing and celebrating. It was definitely a night that was needed after such a troubling scholastic year! Congratulations to all the winners!

Written by Emma Galea


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