This Month’s Hottest Memes on the Internet

Posted On April 21, 2020

The internet never takes a day off, especially considering this year can only be described as crazy roller coaster for international affairs. With content constantly fueling our world of online meme culture and endless topics going viral, such content has only grown in popularity due to these eventful times. We don’t blame you if your finding it hard to keep up with all these emerging trends, that’s why we’ve decided to list all the leading memes users have witnessed so far this month.


It would be an understatement to say that the current Coronavirus pandemic has just slightly impacted our current lives. Although a sensitive topic to some, COVID-19 memes have infiltrated the digital world and become an overnight norm for anyone’s online screen time. You can’t scroll through any social platform without having COVID-19 quarantine as the main topic of discussion.

Online Lecture Memes

Zooming its way onto everyone’s meme radar, online lecture memes have had the opportunity to shine and provide laughs for so many students who are facing this sudden shift in their academic routine. Whether it’s Skype or Zoom, every student is bound to relate to at least some of these hilarious memes.

Crying Cats Memes

Every meme has its origin story, yet interestingly enough no one can quite pinpoint where all these extremely amusing and clearly edited crying cat images have spawned from. The main features every golden tragedy cat meme contains are a cat and an over the top edit of tears leaving the little critter’s eyes. These have been featured as the image for several different meme topics and styles, perfectly encapsulating the feeling we’ve all experienced once before.

Banana Bread Memes

“Shave your head or make Banana Bread”….  Isn’t that how the current online saying goes? Basically, this meme began due to the endless amount of status updates everyone has been posting on their social media profiles of them being inspired to make banana bread during this time of quarantine. The internet has a way of making most relatable topics into memes, clearly no one could afford to miss this opportunity on baking some fresh humorous content.

“Barbz For Bernie”

Politics has always found its way into meme culture. Especially American politics. Although not directly affecting us Europeans, the American candidacy for Democratic Nominee inevitably had to make a global impact. This gave rise to a meme involving the Nicki Minaj fandom and their volumes of support for then candidate, Bernie Sanders. This all began after a few American Tiktokers felt the need to associate the leading female rapper Nicki Minaj to the political beliefs of Sanders. Somewent as far as to claim Minaj’s Super Bass as the new anthem for the liberal belief system. Although it all seems very political, it mostly was done with lighthearted humor and not to be taken too seriously. This whole situation grew so much over the past weeks that it also gained media representation from huge media outlets like Paper magazine.

We hope you enjoyed our recap of this month’s greatest meme content on the internet so far! Let’s see what the internet is brewing for the next viral memes!

Written by Luke Gauci


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