The Association of Artisans have the PERFECT Christmas Idea for You

Posted On November 24, 2020

Are you looking for the BEST Christmas present for your loved ones this year? The Association of Artisans have the perfect gift for you.

She’s become a popular figure on social media – Ylenia from Tikka Tafal – is known for her creative polymer clay jewelry and upcycled scrunchies… everyone wants a pair of her holiday earrings. This Christmas, she had the idea of collaborating with as many local businesses as possible to create something special for the holidays.

I wanted to try to create a sense of community rather than competition and I felt that this sentiment was quite lacking in the local sphere. After some weeks of emailing different businesses back and forth, we ended up with a group of nine artisans.

Ylenia from Tikka Tafal
And they created Il-Kaxxa Tal-Milied!

Apart from Tikka Tafal, here’s the other local businesses who are part of the Il-Kaxxa tal-Milied project!

  • LIBERTALIAa large selection of high quality and affordable crystal accessories handmade with love and care from the Pirate of Libertalia himself
  • MAZINA CANDLEShomemade candles using natural wax and fragrance oil to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere for you
  • PEGASUS CREATESall about things that are cute and quirky! Pieces are put together by a 26 year old gal using a selection of charms and embellishments along with resin, creating jewelry that makes you go, “Oh, So Pegasus!”
  • SCENTED JEWELLERYhandmade and personalised jewelry and gifts that help you go through the day with your preferred diffused scent. All the items can be scented with the preferred essential oil which is complimentary with each item
  • BOWS MADE PRETTY: specializes in affordable handmade hair accessories in a huge variety of styles, colours and patterns.
  • HEARTSPACEan apothecary (healing the body and spirit) which has botanical creations that are crafted in mindfulness and gratitude with the purest ingredients available from our Maltese lands. Their creations consist of smudge sticks, incense, candles, healing kits and crystals.
  • MOONSTONE CREATIONShandmade jewelry with semi-precious stones in unique and different styles.
  • KUCCARINA: an online bakery aimed at satisfying everyone’s taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a naughty treat or a healthy snack, Kuccarina has something for everyone! Vegan and raw treats also available.

There 5 different gift boxes and one can also request a custom box:

  • The Eco Box, containing vegan, eco-friendly and sustainable items
  • The Jewelry Box
  • The remaining 3 boxes contain various items at different price points, from candles, to vegan treats, to aromatherapy items and jewelry.

They ensure high quality items packaged in gorgeous Christmas boxes – and are proud of it too!

You can find their links on this page:

After a couple of weeks of planning, logo designs, and finally coming up with the name Il-Kaxxa tal-Milied, they felt it was time to announce their exciting project! Jeremy from Libertalia had the brilliant idea of creating an official organization for local artisans, which they called the Association of Artisans. It first started with just the initial 9 business, who worked on Il-Kaxxa tal-Milied, but then quickly spread to a community of almost 100 artisans in their Facebook group. This association was set up to help new and experienced small business owners with any questions or help they may need. They are currently working on some projects for Christmas that will include all artisans interested.

The aim is to work on making the artisans’ community stronger.

The Association for Artisans just recently hit 500 likes on Facebook which is an incredible achievement in such a short period of time! Make sure to like their page on Facebook for more information on how to order this incredible Christmas gift: Association of Artisans | Facebook

Written by Corrine Zahra


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