Silky: Your New Friend the Next Night Out

Posted On March 7, 2022

Living in a country with vivid nightlife, it was inevitable for all partygoers to encounter some of the darker aspects of going out to clubs and bars in Malta. Have you ever heard of anecdotes of people not remembering what had happened to them after a night out? Or perhaps has it happened to you? 

In the best-case scenario, they had a bit too much to drink and were fine. However, unfortunately, this is not always reality, and sometimes the situation is bleaker. This is why Silky, a dynamic student-led company, was created, with its fundamental goal to make fun safe again.

The founders of Silky have experienced both first and secondhand that there are people who take advantage of these situations to spike the drinks of partygoers and harass or rob them while they are drugged. These stories have affected them deeply, and they felt that something had to be done to ensure the safety of our peers and the community.

Silky’s mission is to produce and offer affordable, high quality and competitive products against drink spiking that bring back the local community’s safety. FEELING safe is not enough, BEING safe is. Silky wants to make FUN safe again.

After some brainstorming sessions, Silky decided that the best way to impact this problem positively was to approach it through the victims. Silky’s research identified that products to prevent spiking already exist but only in markets abroad. The initial idea was to import and resell them here in Malta, but after ordering one of the samples, the creators were shocked by its price and quality. This led to the realisation that purchasing and shipping them here is expensive and unsustainable on a large scale.

Contrary to Silky’s competitors, their product is cheaper and of higher quality. They are also fully customisable, allowing the customer to personalise their drink covers with any text, colour, or picture. Besides this, the product is fully sustainable, with the products being produced locally using a normal sewing machine. Silky has also produced a disposable alternative, which offers the same quality as the reusable drink cover.

In order to start making fun SAFE again, Silky requires your help. Data around the Maltese market in this aspect is still very limited. You can help Silky by filling in this short survey:

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