Insite’s Top 12 TV Shows to Binge on During Quarantine

Posted On April 5, 2020

With all the stress, panic and boredom that is currently surrounding us, we are now constantly on Netflix most probably bumming off someone else’s account. In my case it’s my brother’s, trying to find the most binge worthy series to watch so we can forget the pandemic that is currently our lives. Therefore, here are my top 12 shows worth watching!

1) The Crown

This Golden Globe, Emmy and BAFTA award winning show is without a doubt one of the best shows Netflix has ever produced. It deals with the life of Queen Elizabeth II and shows her being a human woman and not just a Queen. It truly provides its watchers with outstanding acting and cinematography. I mean who doesn’t love a good historical drama!

2) Sherlock

Imagine Sherlock Holmes set in early 21st century London being played by the magnificent Benedict Cumberbatch. The writing, the acting, the characters, the direction, everything in this show is definitely a masterpiece. No wonder it’s so critically acclaimed. Absolutely one of the best shows of our generation

3) Elite

There are countless of teenage dramas found on Netflix but none quite like Elite. It’s a classic “who done it” sort of show which concerns the murder of a student and all the drama and relationships that comes with it. It truly keeps you on edge and makes you fall in love with the characters with every passing season. Plus, you might pick up a bit of Spanish and that’s always a bonus!

4) Avatar: The Last Airbender

We all remember this show from our childhood on Nickelodeon.  It has recently been put on Netflix and although this show was originally made for kids, it’s so much more than that. Its writing is simply exceptional and applies to a lot to modern day problems. I strongly suggest to watch this again from an adult perspective to truly enjoy the magnificence of the show.

5) Brooklyn 99

This show is the type of show you turn to when you’ve had a bad day and need a few laughs. A great comedy based in a police precinct in Brooklyn, New York with great, loveable characters that will without a doubt turn your frown upside down!

6) The Umbrella Academy

For all comic book lovers this show is for you, and if you’re not familiar with comics you’ll end up loving them after watching this. This Gerard Way comic book series is a show filled with weirdness, superpowers and dysfunctional characters with daddy issues that are trying to save the world from its end. One of the most original Netflix shows out there for sure.

7) Lucifer

Since we’re on the subject of comics, this show is based on the D.C. character Lucifer. That’s right it’s a show about the devil but it shows him as an eccentric, flawed yet empathic character who punishes evil but is not evil himself contrary to popular belief. He ends up working for the Los Angeles police so you’ll enjoy a bit of a detective storyline as well. Season 4 was truly one of the greatest. This show deals with celestial beings and their relationship with humans, what’s not to like?!

8) The Ranch

If you love a good American sitcom featuring your typical American cowboy setting, this is the show for you. Set on a ranch in Colorado it deals with family problems and everything in between whilst being super funny to watch.

9) Peaky Blinders

Set after World War I in Birmingham it deals with a family gang as they continue to grab power within the United Kingdom. It stars the brilliant Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby and its writing is the perfect balance of action, drama and genius.

10) Mind Hunter

Based on the true story of two FBI agents in the 1970’s as they go all around America interviewing serial killers, trying to understand why they do it. It’s absolutely thrilling, shocking and provides a different twist on the usual thriller genre.

11) Derry Girls

Set in the 1990’s in Northern Ireland, this show perfectly captures what it’s like going to a Catholic School which most of us can relate to. This is show is the perfect example of quality over quantity. It only consists of 12 short episodes but it’s honestly one of the funniest shows on Netflix.

12) American Vandal

This mockumentary is perhaps one of the most interesting and bizarre shows on Netflix. It shows two students as they go around trying to solve an unusual mystery at school. It’s so compelling and it is satire done at its best.

As I finish writing this list I realise how hard it was for me to narrow all the shows to only 12. It sure makes me conscious of all the time I spend on Netflix but when you get such a quality experience watching all these shows, it’s truly worth it. I hope you enjoy all your binging and please take care and stay at home!

Written by Emma Galea


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