In Transit: The New Exciting Project by Communications Students

Posted On April 17, 2021

If this year has taught us anything, we should not take company for granted! As much as we all just cannot wait for society to go back to a somewhat familiar reality before Covid-19 came along, we still must focus with waiting things out, and making sure to do our part in helping establish a sense of unity and connection though socio-responsible means.

In Transit is a new and exciting project by students taking the university’s Magazine and Digital Publishing study unit. Aiming to share the importance of connection, this project’s identity centers around concepts of diversity within relationships. Connecting their readers via an opportunity of escapism, this project aims to focus on channeling authenticity and the raw beauty of storytelling. More specifically, stories that hope to inspire the reader to remember the importance of meaningful connections.

The relationships which In Transit intend on covering are not restricted to romance, as the In Transit team are also expected to share various relationship dynamics such as friendships, family connections, geographical connections, human interests, and passions, among other relationships.

The release of an annual publication by Media and Communications students has become a university tradition over the past few years. Last year’s Seba’ Visti was a physical-turned-digital student publication aimed to celebrate Maltese youth and breaking stereotypes, whilst 2019’s B’Ċikka took a visual exploration approach to storytelling and centered around highlighting local hidden treasures around the Maltese islands.

In a time where connection is king, In Transit could not have chosen a better time than now to bring such themes of connectedness and relational unity to light. With a well versatile collection of teams ranging from editors, photographers, videographers, marketers, designers, and social communicators, In Transit is expected to most definitely bring a celebration of humanity and our ability to cherish connections.

Stay tuned for more In Transit updates and other new articles by Insite!

Written by Luke Gauci


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