How to Deal With the Uni Blues

Posted On October 14, 2020

A new year, new me kinda vibe for the 2020/21 scholastic year but with an unusual twist… a global pandemic.

Just because everything around us right now seems so chaotic and tragic, it doesn’t mean we can’t get the university experience we’ve looking forward to since seeing our first cliche coming of age university film. Joking aside, as much as we wish to act like everything is fine and we can go back to some sort of normality, circumstances clearly show that by doing so, we will be making it worse than it already is. In order to help you with this transition, here are a few tips to consider whilst settling in this new semester.

1. Make sure to be informed and aware of the new COVID-19 university guidelines. These can easily be accessed via the University of Malta’s website or the links emailed to each individual student. Don’t take anything for granted when it comes to putting your own safety and well-being first.

2. Make yourself comfortable on an online platform. Yes, having to meet via zoom can be awkward and uncomfortable for some, but take this as a new opportunity to spice things up during your lectures. Try participating screen to screen with others and don’t hesitate to turn on the camera and get real… bedhead and PJs are finally socially acceptable. Use this wisely. The more you gain confidence on screen, the more likely to gain an overall memorable virtual learning experience.

3. Visit the library or chill at the many outdoor gardens UM’s campus offers! If you need a new work environment, the library is your best shot while keeping up social distancing at all costs. Your mental health is important and so fresh air is a must.

4. Be proactive and join virtual study groups, course groupchats and pages. These are essential to keeping up to date with university notices and study-unit deadlines. Especially if you find reaching out to your faculty stressful. You can always drop a quick message to your course mates in order to see if they are having similar issues or better yet, have the answer to your questions.

5. Reach out to student organizations, they are here to help you! This year make sure to attend virtual freshers week. In all honesty, these student organizations tend to be the first informed about any major or sudden shift. Please don’t feel intimidated, you are our priority. Organizations are almost always looking for new members and subcommittees which gives they a future and you an experience you won’t forget.. let’s say for the better. insert winky emoji

We hope you found this helpful and wish you all a success academic semester. This a time for us to unite as students… at least 2 meters apart.

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Written by Luke Gauci


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