How to be Environmentally Friendly this Fresher’s Week

Posted On October 3, 2019

As much as Fresher’s Week is the most exciting week on campus at the University of Malta, it surely brings along a lot of waste. Since our planet is suffering from climate change and global warming, it is important that we do our part to be environmentally friendly. Here are some suggestions brought to you by Insite!

  1. Insite will be handing out free metal straws, so pass by our stand to get yours! Plastic straws are one of the most common marine waste collected year every by coastal clean-ups.
  2. Throw away any paper flyers in their respective recycling bins, not on the floor or in the regular garbage bin. You can also use such flyers as scrap paper for messy notes. Reduce, reuse, recycle!
  3. Check out if any particular stands or organizations will be handing out free plastic bottles, and get your own! The less plastic bottles we use, the better!
  4. Stop by ESA’s stand to learn more and contribute! ESA will be having eco-friendly freebees at their stand; ‘Sprout Pencils’ will be handed out to students to give them the opportunity to take notes in a sustainable manner! Once the pencils are finished, you can plant them, water them, and you will get a new houseplant to decorate your room with. ESA will also distribute hole-punchers and staplers which are entirely made from recycled pencils (apart from their plastic and metal parts). Make sure to grab your own freebies to contribute!

Let’s save the environment, one little bit at a time!

Written by Corrine Zahra


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