Have You Ever Thought About Freedom?

Posted On May 15, 2020

Have you ever thought about the feeling of freedom? Have you ever truly experienced it? To me it feels as if I’m a bird, soaring high into the sky, my wings spread so beautifully apart. Or perhaps, I’m floating on a very calm lake, eyes closed, taking in every detail; amidst a series of mesmerizing mountains. This symbolises serenity to me, peace and goodness. It is such an amazing idea that everyone around the world has their own original idea of what gives them peace.

Back in 2017, National Geographic published a YouTube video in collaboration with Morgan Freeman, whereby he asked a simply question, “what do you think freedom is?” and individuals from all over the world (Italy, Serbia, USA…) replied with their own personalised answer; some said it was time, love, being who you are; however others who opposed to that idea had said that it was only a utopia, something we lost the minute we were born.

Although it is such a simple question, one which might seem to hold no weight from afar, forces you to hesitate and pause. But why? The word ‘freedom’ itself, its meaning, is so broad and expressive, its very essence is rare; it glitters like a gem in the distance, but the more you walk towards it, the further away it seems to be. The idea of freedom seems to constrict some people; knowing that it is just a dream too impossible to achieve, either in the near future or a distant one.

It’s as if freedom has so many faces. However, will it choose to reward or deceive us? Or will we be the ones who choose our freedom? Will we take the stand this time and take our lives by the horns, and steer it ourselves? Or will we fall on the sidelines, idle, and let life predetermine our fate? It is indeed your choice, reader, and whichever you decide, always remember that we will always have the power to take the wheel and that freedom can be found in the smallest of things.

Written by Lisa Zammit


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