Gozitan Metal Band Release First Single From Their New Album

Posted On June 19, 2020

Gozitan Heavy Metal band Ascendor have just released the music video for the title track of their new album Circle of Violence, their fourth record release since their maiden release in 2013. The video highlights past and present episodes of unnecessary violence and a plea to ‘Break the Circle’ and stop the violence currently unfolding across the planet. (Link to Music Video: https://bit.ly/30UGn3H)

The band are set to release their fourth studio album by the end of the year. Following an absence of nearly two years from the music scene due to personal limitations as well as a general decision to focus on writing new material, the Gozitan metallers are back with an 8-track album, which sees their style shift more towards their original roots of 80s Thrash Metal. Each song on the record focuses on specific monstrous beings, namely werewolves, vampires, zombies, demons as well as Frankenstein, with the title track focusing on the worst monster of all; mankind itself. The lyrics take a metaphorical stance in tackling the subjects of war, abuse, oppression, depression, political corruption, human & drug trafficking and other adverse phenomena which ultimately result in the creation of the Circle of Violence. 

Due to the worldwide uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the quintet has so far not made any plans to host an album launch gig which would also see them return to the stage. Depending on the current ever-changing circumstances, the band will decide when to launch the physical edition of the album as well as a (probably earlier) date to make the entire album available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other major online music stores. The album was recorded by guitarist Andy Fava at Devilocks’ Crypt, while mixing and mastering duties were trusted to the ever-reliable Steve Lombardo at Hell Next Door Studio. The artwork was designed by Indonesian artist Ali Maskuri (aka: No Legion).

Ascendor is the only metal band currently active in Gozo. The five-piece was formed in July 2011 by drummer Paul Formosa after jamming with guitarists Andy Fava and Joe Costa, from which all three perceived the apparent chemistry present both in the style of playing as well as in the writing of original material. After establishing a solid foundation, the band completed their line up with Steve Muscat on Vocals and Blasio Muscat on bass. Ascendor has participated in numerous local gigs and festivals while also making it to the final of the 2013 Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands

Ascendor is (from left-to-right):

  • Blasio Muscat – Bass
  • Andy Fava – Guitars
  • Steve Muscat – Vocals
  • Joe Costa – Guitars
  • Paul Formosa – Drums

Photos taken by Modern Tribe Photography

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