Dealing with anxiety during these difficult times

Posted On December 14, 2020

I think we can all agree that this pandemic has definitely put things in perspective and made everyone stop and think about the world around us and about ourselves. Personally, I have definitely discovered new things about myself and realized that I need to work on myself in order to be more confident and in general, to be more content.

Feeling anxious is quite a common feeling and everyone experiences feelings of anxiety at some point in their life, there is nothing shameful about it. The inability to concentrate, or not being able to stay calm can get very frustrating and prevent you from flourishing in some cases.

Here are some things you could do to feel more at ease:

1. Talk with your loved ones, be it family or friends
Reaching out and talking about your problems is one way of coming to terms with what you are feeling and helping yourself understand your own thoughts better. There is not wrong with seeking help with a professional, it only shows your courage and resilience to deal with your problems.

2. Put your thoughts on paper
I found it very helpful to pick up a pencil and write down my thoughts. Writing helps you lift the heaviness from your mind and is a way of talking with yourself. Writing helps you to concentrate on what is going on in your turbulent mind and can help ease any stress. Even a simple list can help.

3. Log off from your devices
Logging off from social media will definitely help you reclaim your time and give you more freedom to find yourself. This way of disconnecting allows you to reconnect with yourself. You need to give yourself some non-screen time. The benefits can be outstanding.

 4. Put your running shoes on and venture out
There is nothing more therapeutic than a walk alongside nature. Find an hour or so in your day and go out for some fresh air. You’ll come back feeling like a new person.

5. Avoid caffeine! Try herbal teas instead…
While there are mental benefits of caffeine, taking too much will induce anxiety. This happens because when drinking coffee, you become more alert due to adenosine (a brain chemical) being blocked. As we all know, caffeine also triggers the release of adrenaline not allowing you to relax and unwind. Opting for herbal teas will help you also meet the daily requirement for your water intake.

6. Eat well – you are what you eat!
An unhealthy body is equivalent to an unhealthy mind. So, change your lifestyle and start eating fresh and local, avoiding oils and fats. Although there is no need to take this to the extreme, there are of course the needed fats and oils and essential fatty acids.

I hope this was helpful and will help you as much as it helped me!

Written by Rachel Borg


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