Bored and Unfulfilled? Join IAESTE!

Posted On May 5, 2021

After a year or more of boring, online lectures, you’ve probably started feeling like you’re really missing out a lot from the infamous university experience.

There is only one way to make the most out of your remaining years at uni…and that is by joining IAESTE!

– What is IAESTE?

Being part of IAESTE means being a part of a global community (over 85 countries) whose culture is all about travel, human connections, personal growth and building professional relationships.

IAESTEā€™s main objective is to help students find paid, foreign internship opportunities that are related to their course of studies. It opens doors to new and exciting opportunities for students, both at a professional and a personal level!

– Who does IAESTE represent?

IAESTE is a student organisation representing students of multiple faculties at university, including Engineering, Architecture, ICT, Business, Sciences and Pharmacy.

– Who can join IAESTE?

Anyone. Literally, anyone. We are one of the few student organisations at the University of Malta which do not belong to a single faculty. This means that by joining IAESTE, you can break the barriers of your course and coursemates and start making new friends from other faculties as well.

– But why should I join IAESTE?

>> To be part of a team that makes dreams come true for students at uni. This is very fulfilling. People will appreciate it and you will make lots of friends in the process.

>> To travel all over the world and make new friends from everywhere. Conferences and exchanges happen all year-round for IAESTE members. If you plan to make the most of this summer, IAESTE is surely one way to do that.

>> To hang out with foreigners who are interning in Malta. The interns are always looking for new ways to have fun, so hanging out with the interns is guaranteed to be a good time and a way to give you a new perspective on things.

>> To refine your soft skills and prepare yourself for the working world by dealing with employers and participating in conferences all year-round. We can guarantee that being part of IAESTE will reward you with plenty of impressive content to add to your CV.


If you are not convinced yet, follow us on Facebook. We have some cool content lined up for the next few weeks, including some awesome prizes to be won.

If you are interested in joining, leave us your details at: IAESTE promises that you won’t regret it!

Written by IAESTE


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