All You Need to Know about This Year’s KSU Fresher’s Week

Posted On September 30, 2019

It’s finally Fresher’s Week! The student organizations on campus have been working hard to prepare their stands for the most anticipated week on campus! Here are just a few things that will be happening on campus!

Betapsi will be offering their own Freshers’ Pack, which will include discount cards, an annual newsletter, the application for their live-in, a pen and a car air-freshener all placed in a tote bag with a quote! Along with this, they will have competitions with fanny packs as prizes, and freebies that include stress balls and car air-fresheners.

Make sure to stop by ASCS’s stand to participate in their Budget Survey to give them insights about students’ thoughts on the budget proposals from their point of view and also various food surprises, amongst other things. And let’s not forget to add their competitions with special prizes to be won, along with freebies for students from both themselves, and their sponsors.

What is Fresher’s Week without GUG’s typical free ftajjar? My tummy is grumbling at the sound of that! Pass by GUG’s stand to get your own slice of a typical Gozitan ftira. And of course, the famous Wicked Wednesday that will be held in Paceville during Fresher’s Week. Also pass by their stand to find out how to apply for Gozitan Student Grant.

Make sure to participate in Jef’s quizzes! Such quizzes include, Name the EU Countries Quiz, the Brexit Quiz (can’t wait to participate in this one!), and the 2019 MEP Elections Quiz. May the odds be ever in your favor! They will also be having a selection of sweets like last year, together with cakes and brownies on different days.

During Fresher’s Week, ESA will be having eco-friendly freebees at their stand; Sprout Pencils will be handed out to students to give them the opportunity to take notes in a sustainable manner! Once the pencils and finished, you can plant them, water them, and you will get a new houseplant to decorate your room with. ESA will also distribute hole-punchers and staplers which are entirely made from recycled pencils (from their plastic and metal parts). I will most certainly get my own set of these freebies.

Are you a law student? Head to JCA’s stand during Fresher’s Week to sign up to become a member! You receive a bag full of customized freebies. The membership also entitles you to attend JCA events, such as excellent Moot Courts (simulation of court proceedings), interesting seminars for free, and allows to sign up to initiatives like Prattika Link which aids students to find ‘prattika’ opportunities in a favorable area of law. JCA will also be carrying out a small game based competition, so keep an eye out!

S-Cubed will be starting off this scholastic year with a bang with an array of merchandise including their very own bamboo toothbrushes. Their newly formed environmental office will be giving out its very own eco-pack. All upcoming events, including their very own Leisure Trip and Annual Seminar, will be displayed on their stand together with any prizes and discounts up for grabs. Making a return this year is their MAD Scientist Photo Competition and their Meet the Freshers Kazinata which surely should be an initiation like no other. Make sure to visit their stand to find out everything there is to know about the organization and life on campus!

The pinnacle of ELSA’s display at Freshers’ Week is their annual event From Freshers to Lawyers where a panel of recently graduated notaries and lawyers discuss issues and answer questions from students, relating to the bridge between the law course and the legal profession itself. This year’s edition of the event will take place on Thursday 3rd October from 10:00-12:00 at Gateway building. New law students, make sure to check this out! Another highly anticipated annual event during Freshers’ Week is the SACES vs ELSA Waterfight, where architecture students take on law students. A must see.

Finally, Insite Malta is looking for new writers for the upcoming year! Pass by our stand to sign up, and get a free metal straw! We’re excited to meet new faces and create new content.

Written by Corrine Zahra


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